Android or web login?



I’m really excited to find out more about this protect and to see how I can help, but this forum seems to be the only option, other than an iPhone app. Is there an Android app or a web portal? Any other places with more info?

Thanks, all the best!


Hi @rikdeek
Thanks for your comment.
Which specific project (not protect surely!?) are you referring to?
There’s more details on the OPEN 2017 - Platform Co-ops conference here
And more info about The Open Co-op in general on the blog
We don’t have an app…



Hi @olisb I’m guessing @rikdeek is referring to PLANET because that blog post about the idea makes it sound like it already exists and is available to download, probably because it says at the top under the featured image:

Download PLANET to your phone to become a co-owner of the Global Open Co-op, a democratic network of people building better quality lives.


Hi @jdaviescoates and @rikdeek,
If that is the case I have now clarified in the post on PLANET that it is only a vision…
Discussions about PLANET and related projects are happening in this thread so please jump in there! :wink: