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Just wanted to start by thanking everyone involved with this conference, it’s been extremely useful to me and very well organized!

I am building a social enterprise platform (Enterprise Hub) with the aim of helping organisations to collaborate, procure and utilize open source technology.

Our first free tool will enable users to do a google search with the addition of prioritizing results from co-ops/social enterprises, trade bodies etc, in order to make it easier for users to find products and services from ethical providers over commercial organisations. The tool will also make it far easier to research projects, manage those projects and obtain quotes from potential suppliers.

Can you please help us to identify the best sources/directories of co-operatives we can utilize to create this service?


Co-operatives Directory 13,942 records
(please provide any others)………….

Social Enterprises

Social Enterprise UK ( 8,736 records
ARC - (approx 800 records)

Community interest companies

CIC (c.9k records)

I am also involved with another organisaton - CollectiveOne, a platform to develop open, decentralized and collaborative projects: projects to which anyone can, potentially, contribute, and which are collectively owned and self-governed by their contributors.

Visit our website & join us…


Hi @Enterprise-Hub
I’ve added this thread to the Open 2017 category and slightly changed the title to include the word “mapping” as this seems like a key word related to what you describe…

As mentioned at the conference there is LOTS of interest in mapping the co-op community, both in the UK and world wide… but so far I have not seen a single decent attempt at this, which keeps the data in an open (anyone can add to it) and accessible (anyone can re-present it however they like) data structure.

@HarryRobbins mentioned that when he suggested starting this project @jdaviescoates pointed him to about 14 other projects which have started work in this area so PLEASE don’t kick anything else off until we / you have explored collaborating with those projects first… I’m sure @jdaviescoates will add the links you need soon :wink:


Thanks for the update. I’m more than happy to coordinate the project with others.



See this list of mapping efforts Harry was referring to but also this session at Open 2017 on Linked Open Data for the Solidarity Economy


Thanks for the info, some of the links are out of date so I updated the doc for you…


Excellent - thanks @Enterprise-Hub this is almost like collaboration in action !!! Yay :smile:
Do keep us updated about what you are thinking and if you decide to do anything as we will make others aware and see who else we can draw into the conversations / plans…


Did anyone already mention and
Seems like they’re dedicated for similar purpose


thanks @yusufshakir

it looks like spells out a good vision…
But the site itself falls a long way short of being a useful map / directory
although I am not sure it is supposed to be… (who datacommons fund) is definitely heading in the right direction, perhaps collaborating with them would be the best plan for anyone interested in this thread…?

for example a search for “bicycle” brings up some useful results
albeit limited to the US…



Hi All we have finally built our Serch Agent, read more about it at

Try it out at, we have only started building our sustainable database. so have a few example key words like office supply to see how we will promote sustainable providers over commercial ones.

Watch our video and contact us if you can help smartdealmaker . com


Hi, thanks for the heads up.

Seems like that project is no longer active, emails bounce back and no activity I can see for a few years?



Which “emails bounce back”?

I’m not sure notifications are working for me…

Are they for you @Enterprise-Hub ?


Hello am a member of RChain cooperative(Viraculous), I was wondering if RChain Coop could be enlisted in the coops you have here and Featured as well in the Open;2018 conference. If you need any further information, you can let me know.