Does Open Coop has any practical existence outside Europe?


I am from India and looking for any projects that involves people outside Europe or a project that is centered around local initiative outside Europe.

Are there any projects that are more grounded and directly helpful for local economies that Open Coop is supporting?


Hi @yusufshakir,
Nice to see you here :slight_smile: We don’t have anything going on outside Europe yet…
But other people here might be able to advise with some links…


Hi @yusufshakir You can take a look at Faircoop. Just one week ago, a discussion has begin in our forum to introducte the Faircoop ecosystem in la India:

Faircoop is a selforganized global cooperative ecosystem supporting local economies around the globe


Hi @yusufshakir

I’m not sure how much help The Open Co-op can be to you apart from pointing you towards useful info. We don’t really have capacity to do more than that.
You are on the right track asking Fairmondo for advice… note, their software is also open source if you can find someone top help you get that up
But if you are looking for a more simple route to getting going, collaborating via faircoop is a good plan.