Open 2017: Designing interoperable apps for the open app ecosystem


Here’s a link to the notes which were made before and during the open space session on: Designing interoperable apps for the open app ecosystem.

You can also find background info on The Open App Ecosystem

And some more discussion about The Open App Ecosystem on Loomio

There’s also this great article introducing the idea of the Collaborative Technology Alliance

And discussion on The Collaborative Technology Alliance

And info about the CTA “seal”

imho - our collection of communities should use the impetus from OPEN 2017 to help re-boot the CTA and to encourage uptake of the seal to further interoperability.

"Adopting the seal is an explicit pledge towards interoperability between our technologies and our communities"

Please add any more links and ideas below!

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I wholeheartedly agree with this statement.

At the beginning of the session when we were brainstorming topics, we touched upon the need for adoption of standards across a variety of “streams” - e.g. a good user experience in both terms of usability and for smoothly the flow (for a user) across different apps.

During our data discussion we of course talked about the existing (LD) standards available for data.

What can we do next? I’d like to see a LD vocabulary published to describe data that is useful for collaboration between co-ops, Matt Wallis from the Institute of Solidarity Economics also spoke about this during our Linked Data talk at #OPENCOOP

Can a set of standards (e.g. UX standards? certainly data vocabulary standards) be published under / at a CTA level? (a bit like ONS do here) Use of the seal should be a sign that an app conforms to those standards?


Hi @Jen_Williams
I’m really encouraged to hear you agree :slight_smile:
I’m going to post in the CTA Hylo group to see what their thoughts are on how best to progress… Will update here if I hear anything.

ATM I think adoption of the seal is nothing more than a “pledge” towards interoperability, as mentioned above, but your proposal that apps which want to use the seal should conform to a basic set of standards makes perfect sense to me…

I think UX standards and Data vocabulary standards are definitely part of the CTA objectives but am not entirely sure where they have got to with those… so will investigate that too.