PLANET – An open source operating system for a collaborative, sustainable economy


If you have questions or comments about PLANET please post them here and someone will get back to you :slight_smile:


This is the same vision that Fair.Coop is developing since more than 2 years ago.

The creation of an app that integrates communication tools with payment tools as part of an open cooperative vision, is something very interesting that already has been part of some discussions also in Faircoop ecosystem.

Would be important to join efforts with anyone planning to work in this!


Hi @enric
Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:
We’re aware of but not the specifics of work on this subject…
Do you have more details or contacts or discussion that we look at and get involved with?


Hi Olisb,

One of the coops involved in Faircoop is developing an android app for and have plans to integrate it with faircoin app.
Also we are launching a POS app with eshop included…as part of the fairpay project.

Another of our developments is a fork of NRP from Sensorica which integrates faircoin in a multi open coop approach. An android app for this tool could be an important step.

Faircoin 2 will be launched in few weeks with proof of cooperation as a methodology.

And many other things, that are existing, in the works or envisioned and that could become reality all together if we are able to join efforts with groups like yours.

Would be great if you can join discussions with people working in different faircoop projects. You could join our discussions on the or more dinamically on telegram groups at


I agree with collaborating on systems rather than competing. Have you heard of - another app under development which will be underpinned by a cryptocurrency.

I am also interested in solid planning in creating a clear foundation to action - ie. defining phases of development in order of priority so that phase 1 has a clear definition and timeline for implementation followed by an agile of process of continuous development towards achieving the aims of subsequent phases.


Hi Enric,
Thanks for links and info - I will definitely join in discussions after the conference on the 16 - 17 Feb, I’m going to be a bit busy until then…

Hi Bret looks really interesting too - thanks for the link
Again, I will investigate more after the 17th Feb

I’m also in discussions with Nathan Schneider about a Co-op Cloud which he and another team are developing and group from the Free Knowledge Foundation about

I fully agree collaboration is the way forward and will be aiming to network these (and other) groups together after the 17th


Android or web login?

Hi Oli,

The links at the bottom of the CommonsCloud page to the four current initiatives is a quick example of the duplication going on in the space of people trying to save the world - and it scares and disheartens me. So many people with great ideas but doing their own things which overlap greatly with the activity of others and leads to competition, which I thought we were all trying to get away from. Diversity has its place but can create so much confusion for those we are trying to support in making the positive changes needed in the world.

It would great if this could be a topic of discussion at the conference you are running - the extent to which we need to encourage diversity in our activities versus working against fragmentation as in my experience fragmentation won’t get us to our goal.

To contribute to discussions about a future system based on sharing in line with what your Planet system is aiming for, and possibly that of faircoop - here is my attempt at documenting my ideas, prior to finding yours, for a system to move us forward. There is overlap and we all face the challenge of gathering the expertise and resources to give the systems life, so collaboration is key.




Hi @Brett_Constable

I agree wholeheartedly with the above.
I mentioned exactly this at OPEN 2017 and introduced the Collaborative Technology Alliance and the “seal” concept (also mentioned in this thread) to many people… I think more and more people are waking up to the idea that we can not achieve the larger objectives of ‘interoperability’ between our networks, communities and software unless we do so under a wider, united, front.

To me, the CTA has laid the groundwork and is therefore probably the best ‘banner’ under which to unite. As such I hope to encourage others to work with me on re-kindling the CTA and growing a community which is actively engaged in discouraging independent working in favour of collaboration.

Perhaps we should start by forming the ultimate list of over-lapping projects which we think should all become part of the CTA?



Hi Oli,

I read the items yesterday on CTA linked to from the discuss forum topic. The constellation of systems proposed by Enspiral looks good, even if I don’t agree with the need for all of them, but I am seeing people wanting to develop different systems to do the same thing, and all to make money from.

I guess I am more interested in agreeing on the type of social/economic system we want to underpin the planet and build a system, or constellation, fit for purpose. Everyone’s great ideas go into building the best system possible. Of course allowing for forks to test new ways of doing things, which if proven then get merged rather than becoming permanent forks.

Was there a commitment to continue the conversation from the conference under the banner of CTA, or under some other banner, or was there not really any commitment achieved?

I see some overlap already between the CTA concept and


There wasn’t really any commitment from the conference to continue the conversations about CTA anywhere specific… just lots of interest in doing so, since so many people now realise the need to unite on these larger issues.

I am chasing up various people in both the Hylo CTA groups and the Loomio “Open App Ecosystem” groups with a view to re-kindling the conversations… and will report back on any progress and the best way to get involved in ongoing discussions.

There is definitely some overlap between CTA and Nathan’s IoO Directory which you linked to above, but to me they have different goals: The IoO aims to provide a directory of platforms and co-ops (and some platform co-ops!) but the CTA is a bigger mission: To network together the various groups working on overlapping “collaborative economy” software / technology projects.

I think this statement should act as the starting point for groups who wish to join the CTA, and use the seal:

“Adopting the seal is an explicit pledge towards interoperability between our technologies and our communities”

At least that would be a first step towards uniting the various communities. Then, once that has some traction, the CTA as a group of groups and individuals could decide what to do next and how.


Thanks Oli, I look forward to your report from Hylo and Loomio groups. I think the seal is a good idea because at the moment it is hard to know who of those working on projects out there are aware of the other projects.