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SOCIALMARKET OPEN COOP & GIFT Currency - Help us build the best Decentralized APP and Open Cooperative Society.


Criteria for a successful Open Cooperative.
Commons-Based Peer Production

1st.) Follow the rules of Natural Cooperation (the companion to natural selection) Evolution of cooperation: kin selection, direct reciprocity, indirect reciprocity, network reciprocity and group selection as outlined by Martin A. Nowak

2nd.) Life, Liberty and Property (Fruit of Labor) must be protected and 100% Distributed without taxes and extraction through capitalism. Capital gains taxes are fair game and do not interfere with your 100% rights.

3rd.) Commons based for-value GIFT Currency. Without an ever increasing value currency to reward people to co-operate and invest in their community the effort will be wasted.

4th.) A Social Market must be tied to the ever increasing value (commons) GIFT Currency to buy goods and services at a discount to encourage granting GIFT and investment.

5th.) A Decentralized app that brings all of this together through Delegated Proof of Cooperation.

6th.) Earning a GIFT Currency should be based on total historical hours granted. If you want to earn more, you grant more hours or save GIFT for future discounts or capital gains.

7th.) Probably the most important is 1:1 GIFT to labor and the investor/GIFT Currency purchaser. Half of all GIFT is saved to grant to labor with each new GIFT purchases. This rewards cooperation and limits defectors as described by Martin A. Nowak. This is why worker co-ops do not rule the workforce. There are too many ways for natural selection to tear apart cooperation. There is a benefit created by the co-op that defectors will take advantage of. Close the defector loop-holes and reward co-operation only and let natural cooperation do the rest.

8th.) Grant GIFT in a time released interval through a blockchain. This creates a more stable growth projection of GIFT Currency value and establishes a built-in pension plan.

9th.) GIFT Currency must be able to be exchanged to fiat currency easily. GIFT is on the openledger dex. Also a good idea might be to sell gold and silver bullion through the SOCIALMARKET as an additional way to build liquidity.

10th.) GIFT Currency must be ruled by the by-laws and membership in the Open Cooperative. Free market will destroy the value though defectors or non-members. Blacklist defectors from buying and selling GIFT and let natural cooperation do the rest.

11th.) Social Enterprises are established with the sale of GIFT. Revenue earned is reinvested back into GIFT to boost price and encourage investment and granting of GIFT to others.

12th.) The co-op itself should not legally own anything other than hold GIFT for members. Granted exclusive rights to property, equipment, inventory, etc can be made by members to the co-op in exchange for GIFT. This encourages participation in the Open Cooperative and an additional way to invest in GIFT. GIFT would be returned to end contract.

13th.) Democratic control by members. Co-budgeting of investment money from GIFT. Any democratic tool or software should be included in the social market Dapp to prevent defectors and reward co-operators.


Open Cooperative
The Commons – Through Granted Rights. The Open Coop technically does not own anything other than GIFT Currency. All other property is owned by members and granted to the Open Coop through granted rights contracts. Property, inventory, equipment, and anything you can think of. GIFT Currency is granted in exchange for usage and additional GIFT is granted for future maintenance expenses, taxes, and fees.
Legal Structure- Limited Cooperative Association, the best multi-stakeholder option with minimum 50% revenue legally goes to co-operators (workers).
Delegated Proof of Cooperation. Labor is based on total historical hours. Hours are counted with a Decentralized App. Everyone receives the same 1:1 from investment, GIFT Currency purchases. Half of all GIFT is held for granting to labor hours. GIFT Currency is time released for labor to stabilize price growth for all stakeholders. Added benefit to time released GIFT for labor is the forced savings mechanism that mimics a working pension plan. The longer you cooperate the more GIFT you receive. The longer you keep your GIFT in your account the more you earn or receive in discounts on purchases in the SOCIALMARKET.
Only people that invest and labor earn discounts and capital gains through GIFT and the SOCIALMARKET.
Taxes- the Dapp will force the reinvestment of Social Enterprise revenue into GIFT Currency purchases that boast the price to the next level. Since co-operators are responsible for the taxes that are passed through to them the dapp solves some of the tax issues that exist. By taking revenue and turning it into capital gains that cannot be double taxed by governments we simplify tax preparation and reporting. The system forces a non-profit economy. The value of building the commons is what will be taxed in the form of capital gains. This preserves the Life, Liberty and Property (Fruit of Labor) we are guaranteed. Since we are granting GIFT to other members whom we know by named accounts we do not have to pay taxes on the GIFT received below the jurisdictional Gift tax laws. Either way through GIFT granting or cooperative enterprises that are turned into capital gains there will be a new tax Tea Party created by the DAPP that cannot be stopped by any person or government.
GIFT Currency is engineered to always increase in value. This is a Cooperative Association that is focused on building the commons through the value of GIFT Currency. Members that do not follow the rules on increasing the price of GIFT will be blacklisted from buying and selling GIFT Currency. This solves the free market forces and why we choose to name the system SOCIALMARKET. The SOCIALMARKET is what we decide the formula for an evergreen currency will be. Unlike the attempts by FAIRCOIN whom decide what the sell price is on their website though have no control of the market price on exchanges. GIFT Currency is currently on the bitshares openledger dex where the OPEN COOP has banking rights control over accounts. To our knowledge no other Open Cooperative currency has these controls and safe guards to only allow access to members that are tied to by-laws and responsibilities of membership.
Current laws pertaining to cryptocurrencies have stipulations regarding Gift Currency usage to distinguish them from a crypto or gift card/digital store credit. In addition to security law exceptions of Limited Cooperative Associations that allow for shares and investors we believe to have the perfect solution to a Cooperative Society, and legal currency from the start. Once the Dapp is created there is no stopping the power of natural cooperation.
Any member that sells their GIFT for below SOCIALMARKET value will be blacklisted. Free market solved; welcome the era of the SOCIALMARKET.
Let’s learn from these failed endeavors. We cannot have a cryptocurrency that loses half its value every few months. ie. Faircoin, and any new Co-op coin that is not a true Open Cooperative currency.

Stop Working! Start Co-operating.

Open Cooperative and Commercial Society Historian


Hello Open co-op, am really fascinated about this trend. I would like to be an activist to this movement. I have had background in Cooperative Economics and Management and presently doing Economics. I am also a member of RChain Co-op and would love to promote the member-community’s interest.


Thanks for the Interest. I need all the help I can get. I’ve been putting all my resources into this project. I believe there is a way to pay 100% Fruit of Labor to co-operators through GIFT Currency. This is imperative to solving inequality. Following the rules of natural cooperation (see we can build the first Delegated Proof of Cooperation decentralized app. This will change how people invest in themselves, and their communities. This will also change how income taxes are viewed. My belief is Income and profits are made by not giving out 100% of Property in traditional (capitalistic) businesses to labor. In the United States Income Taxes where first found to be unconstitutional for a reason. If people understand that Property is taxed to recoup the withheld Property then we can start to fix our economy. Cooperative labor should be exempt from income taxes because they do not earn income; they toil for Property (Fruit of Labor). We need to educate people on why Life, Liberty and Property is protected by governments. I need everyone’s help on this.

OPEN COOP, LCA has a account and we can start the democratic process of building the commons (SOCIALMARKET) there.

You would be a perfect candidate for helping the cause.

We also have a account where we can eventually make this the most progressive democratic socialmarket ever.

Following the rules of natural cooperation we need to know each other in the community and their relationships for reciprocity; it’s the only way cooperation succeeds. A great way to do this is through an open ledger with a real naming system.

Anyone that wants to Join the cause can go to
Set up a user name in this format:

First, Middle, Last name as it appears on your Photo I.D. plus your birthdate as it appears on your photo I.D. 000000
Ex: John A Smith Born 01/02/1993

If we all use this naming format we can send GIFT Currency through the DEX to anyone and set up accounts for family members and friends. Locally when we establish Social Enterprises your photo I.D. can be used as a debit card for purchases at socialmarket enterprises.


Again your photo I.D. becomes a debit card and a gift card. This possibly revolutionizes ecommerce, ATM’s, merchant services and the gift card industry. We can make a difference by using GIFT Currency and promoting 100% Fruit of Labor natural cooperation.


We are getting closer to launching our website. New update: members can democratically select where their grant money for GIFT Currency goes. To purchase GIFT Currency a member must first select a Social Enterprise first. The money is used to build or expand that project first.

We want this to be a decentralized app though can’t wait for technology to catch up to what we want to build. We want everyone to earn capital gains with the ever increasing value of GIFT Currency instead of the alternative.