Who is trying to implement Open Value Networks? How are you doing it?


Originally published at: http://open.coop/2016/06/15/open-value-networks/
Open Value Networks are very similar to Bettermeans’ Open Enterprise ideas and variously described as “people creating value together, by contributing work, money and goods, and sharing the income” a “framework for many-to-many innovation” and a “model for commons-based peer production”.

The idea is probably most clearly outlined by Sensorica’s Tiberus Brastaviceanu in his TEDxMontreal talk above.

The best places to follow the latest work on this front are probably http://ovn.space/ and https://valueflo.ws/


I love the idea of Open Value Networks. But what does this topic aim to discuss?
Personally I’d be interested to hear from / about any people / organisations that have tried running their organisations / projects using an Open Value methodology / system and to understand how it worked? Case studies like this often make discussing the subject a bit easier! Does anyone know the results of any projects using Open Value Networks?


Hi, we are launching a prototype of a tool to manage open value networks. You can take a look at www.collectiveone.org. Its itself an open value network, and contributions are welcome.


See also projects like Comakery and Colony


Thanks. Unfortunately Colony is not a Colony. We want CollectiveOne to be a CollectiveOne So far its a webapp for the moment. Once we see what works, we will migrate it into blockchain.


We are building a new breed of Open Value Network - Commons based peer production at SOCIALMARKET.com

Through Granted Rights of property, patents, products, inventory, equipment, from members to the open cooperative we solve the age old problem with defectors (Makerbot 2). If you don’t know what natural cooperation (it is the cousin to natural selection) is check out http://www.martinnowak.com

GIFT Currency will reward co-operators and community investors in capital gains faster and with less taxes than if they opened a business themselves or leased/sold their products through other channels. It is like placing your labor, product, patent, commercial property, equipment, etc into the Cloud for everyone to use, build and earn capital gains from. This is the ultimate “commons”.

Any purportedly open architecture will most likely fail or not grow to it’s possible potential by not following the rules of natural cooperation.

We currently are the only project known to be working on the defector problem directly. Without compensating co-operators with 100% Fruit of Labor there will always be defectors. GIFT Currency solves the Life, Liberty, and Property (Fruit of Labor) dilemma.